NodeJS User Group at Ranger HQ

On Thursday, July 31st, Ranger Technical Resources was proud to host the NodeJS Enthusiasts SE Florida User Group Meetup. There was an excellent turnout with standing room only.

NodeJS is emerging as a powerful platform for building Internet applications. As an emergent technology, NodeJS does not yet have the ensemble of tools and infrastructural parts that mature language systems have. The NodeJS community is relatively small, and developers all need to learn from each other’s efforts to work with it. The NodeJS Enthusiasts SE Florida group exists to foster interaction among NodeJS developers. The goals for this group are to build our local NodeJS developer community, encourage adoption of NodeJS by businesses in the area, and help people better understand and use NodeJS in applications, both for personal and business uses.

If you would like to learn more about NodeJS, come to our next Meetup:
NodeJS Enthusiasts SE Florida