The Heart of Neiman Marcus

The Heart of Neiman Marcus – July 19th 2014

TEAMWORK was Ranger Technical Resources’ word of the day this past Saturday at the Heart of Neiman Marcus event held in Fort Lauderdale. Throughout the store you could find our team members lending a helping hand to all of the guests who came out to support Ranger Good Works and Dillard Elementary School. With smiles on our faces, we all had a heartwarming story to share with others about why we enjoy supporting Dillard.

Neiman Marcus opened their doors just for us at 9am, an hour earlier then their usual store hours. This allowed us to connect with our members while doing something exciting, SHOPPING! Not only did the Ranger Tech and Ranger Good Works team raise money by selling over 100 tickets to the event, they put on their networking shoes and gained new community friends and partners!

Ten percent of ALL the merchandise sales were donated to a great cause, the start of an Art Program for 800 deserving Dillard students. Ranger Tech and Ranger Good Works suggested that day for everyone to shop till they dropped. At the end of the event, TEAMWORK really paid off! Neiman Marcus was so excited to share with us that our goal was exceeded and that Dillard Elementary School would be able to start their Art Program with an incredible amount of money!

CUDOS to Ranger Technical Resources and Ranger Good Works. We did it! WE made it happen because we all have a HEART!!