2014 Agile Tools Summit Event Summary



Ranger Technical Resources is a proud member of the South Florida Agile Association (SFAA), a non-profit organization helping South Florida companies and businesses respond more quickly to change by educating them on Agile & Lean practices. Our organizations believe in educating professionals by sharing best practices and proven methodologies related to Agile. This partnership allows us to share a common goal – increase organizational effectiveness.

Over the past month, we have helped the SFAA put together the very first Agile Tools Summit in South Florida to be held at Nova Southeastern University. At 8:00 AM on May 21, 2014, the doors opened welcoming over 147 companies, 23 Tool Developers and Sponsors, and over 400 registered attendees to a full day of education, knowledge, networking and fun. The programs most notable speakers included Bharat Krish, CIO of HBO Latin America and Matt Nunn, Director of Developer Tools Product Marketing at Microsoft. They touched on topics such as how to build a culture of agility, Agile transformation from start to scale, behavior driven design, QA in the Agile world, and many more.

We started our day with a networking session in the main atrium followed by six incredible Agile discussion sessions. This year’s exhibitors consisted of representatives from Microsoft, Rally Software, IPC, VersonOne, PeopleTech Coaching, Citrix, UDT, Electric Cloud, Cisco, Remote Learner and Incrementor. Each company had a booth where they were able to meet and greet with the attendees and contribute to the discussions.

We believe that businesses need to become more flexible with responding to turbulent markets and change in today’s global economy of fierce competition. This flexibility is now possible by using the Agile and Lean methods that are transforming software and product development to provide business value at a much earlier stage than ever before. Overall, the event was a huge success and Ranger Technical Resources looks forward to our continued involvement with the South Florida Agile Association.